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Copyright Your Creativity

  • Protect your creative works.

Copyright gives you exclusive rights to the use and distribution of your creative works, as soon as your work is fixed in a tangible medium.

  • Put your ownership on the record.

Although registration is not necessary to secure a copyright, a copyright registration is prima facie evidence that your copyright is valid.  You can only protect your copyright in federal court if it's federally registered.

  • Increase the damages you can win.

Registering your copyright lets you seek statutory damages and attorney's fees.  If you wait to register until after your copyright has been infringed, you can only seek actual damages and lost profits.

  • Register before your copyright is infringed.

Register now, before someone else copies your work, or you'll lose your chance to collect statutory damages and attorney's fees.

  • Stop copies from being imported.

As the holder of a copyright, you have the exclusive right to reproduce and sell your work, import and export your work, create derivative works, and perform your work publicly.  A copyright allows you to stop others from making copies of your work, importing and exporting your work, creating derivative works, and performing your work publicly.  You may also sell or license these rights to others.

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