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Trademark Your Brand

  • Build goodwill.

You've worked hard to build your brand and impress your customers.  A federally registered trademark captures this goodwill and protects it, as a valuable asset.  Let us apply to register your trademark federally, to protect your goodwill nationwide.

  • Keep infringing goods out of the country.

Once your trademark has been federally registered, you can block infringing goods from being imported into the U.S.  Use a trademark to stop foreign knock-offs from taking over your brand and from impacting your bottom line.

  • Stop consumer confusion.

Make sure that you're the only one using your trademark, so that your customers find your goods.  Don't let a competitor trick your customers or piggyback on your success!

  • Sue in federal court.

While use of your trademark gives you certain common law rights, a federal registration gives you nationwide trademark protection, enforceable in federal courts.  Without nationwide protection, a competitor in another location may use your trademark or even register it federally before you do!

  • Protect your brand.

Your brand is your company.  Without federal trademark protection, your brand can be copied or taken away, leaving you with little recourse.  You can apply for a federal registration as soon as you've used the trademark in commerce - or even before, with an intent-to-use application.  Don't wait for someone to take your trademark from you. 

  • Build your company's net worth.

A trademark is an asset that may be licensed or sold.  Registering a trademark federally increases the value of that asset and increases your rights.  As long as you keep using your trademark and renew your registration, your federally registered trademark will never expire, gaining value over time as you add goodwill.

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